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1. Open the game, tab to open your Knapsack, and then tab the Info


2. User ID will be seen on the Info


1. After the successful exchange, the corresponding gift pack will be sent to the in-game mailbox of your ID, and please pay attention to receiving it. There may be a delay in sending the rewards, but they will be sent within 24 hours. Please wait patiently.

2. For each exchange code and game ID, rewards can only be exchanged once.

3. The exchange period for every gift pack may differ, so please exchange within the correct period.

4. If you encounter a problem with the exchange, please contact customer service.

5. You cannot exchange during the maintenance of the game server.

Please check your entry: User ID is incorrect

Please log in to the game to check the system's email. There can be a delay in sending the rewards, but it will be sent within 24 hours. Please wait patiently.


1. In case of server maintenance, the exchange may fail; please go back to the page to exchange again after the server maintenance is completed, then you can receive the rewards after entering the game.

2. Due to network differences, there may be a delay in receiving the rewards. Please wait patiently and do not submit repeatedly in a short period of time.

3. An exchange code can only be successfully used once, and upon receiving the reward email please make sure to properly keep the exchange code.


User ID:


Exchange code:

Note: Once the exhange code is exchanged, it cannot be canceled. If filling in incorrect information, the reward may be sent to a wrong account. If the username is found incorrect, please contact the customer service for assistance in checking.

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